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Dwight Cook Dwight "Shotgun" Cook

I do so many things that it’s hard to tell people what I do, but they are all related. I'm a husband, father, business owner and geek. In my early work history, I used to be a disc jockey and production director at radio stations in Tampa, Miami, Chicago and Houston. In Houston, I went by the name of Shotgun Cook – Doesn’t that sound “Texas”! I actually got the name from an uncle named Shotgun Cook, who built secret compartments in cars and trucks during Prohibition. Some people still call me Shotgun - It’s hard to shake a name like that.

Later, I formed a production company called Sound Works with my wife Karen, who was the first female disco DJ in Houston. Karen is my sweetheart and best friend. While building the business, I broadened my audio career with studies in sound, acoustics, programming, accounting and business. 

Sound Works provides professional audio services for the TV, radio, feature film and advertising industries, as well as the legal profession. Sound Works pioneered the digital transmission of audio from Houston to other facilities worldwide. Sound Works also provides audio forensics legal services and I serve as an audio expert witness.
My other companies are:

  • which produces commercial video and website content - marketing through media.
  • Retronuvo Media stirs up video shows for TV and cable networks. I am a partner in this venture with three others.

My passion is my faith, family, motorcycles, computer programming, the Internet, movies, books and music. I do love to help others and believe that "if you can sew into someone else’s life, you benefit as well."

I am a member of SPARS, AAF, OiH, and a Microsoft partner.



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